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Interior Design

Translating the Trend: Farmhouse Chic

Whether you’re starting out in a new home or updating your existing space, it helps to settle on a style before choosing your décor. If modern minimalism leaves you cold, and classic country feels a tad too timeworn, there’s an emerging style trend that meets somewhere in the middle: Farmhouse Chic. The look is relaxed and rustic but rethought, with a contemporary new spin that’s all about texture and tone in a mix of materials. Here’s how to get it:

Translating the Trend: Farmhouse Chic - bhgrelife.comWarm Up with Wood

Weathered wood possesses a particular warmth and richness that feels naturally welcoming. Its humble texture conveys a comfortable, unfussy style. Embrace the beauty of its imperfections and you’ll gain a softened, lived-in look for a cozy, inviting home. Choose hardy, statement-making furniture pieces with a weathered wood finish to anchor the room and provide a focal point—a bedframe or dresser in the bedroom, a table or buffet in the dining area. Add in a wood end table or mismatched chairs in a deeper, darker finish for contrast. In the kitchen, you might introduce the weathered wood via open shelving as shown or cabinetry, or even on a kitchen island. On a smaller scale, accessories like mirrors, frames, or lamp bases, too, can pick up the trend.

Translating the Trend: Farmhouse Chic - bhgrelife.comBring Metals into the Mix

Complement the warmth of weathered wood with the industrial effect of metal—it all works when you play with the patina and select metals that have an antiqued, burnished, or galvanized finish for a softness of their own. This can be achieved with lighting fixtures and metal accent pieces like frames, clocks, candlesticks, and baskets as well as small-scale furniture pieces such as metal stools and appliances. Well-placed vintage metal pieces—either real or re-production—lend an air of authenticity and help create a curated ambiance that feels “collected” rather than “decorated.”

Translating the Trend: Farmhouse Chic - bhgrelife.comCool it Down

To contrast the wood and metal textures for balance, introduce a crisp, neutral palette of solid colors and graphic patterns with an urban influence. White lends an overall brightness while grays, blues, and blacks evoke coolness. Textiles and ceramics look especially chic in these three tones. Try dressing up the bed or bath in a multi-layered range of grays or create a bold visual impact on the table with the clean lines of sleek dinnerware in light and dark juxtapositions.

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