Ask a Pro Q&A: How to Host a Housewarming Pool Party

The real estate market has been hot this season, and now the weather is catching up! To celebrate moving into her new home, one reader is throwing a housewarming pool party. Find out what advice Dream Team member and lifestyle expert Carolina Buia has for hosting a safe and fun housewarming pool party that adults and kids can both enjoy.

Ask a Pro Q&A: Housewarming Pool Party -

We just moved into our dream home and we’re having a housewarming party to celebrate! We will be hosting it in our backyard since we now have a pool. There are kids on the guest list and I want to make sure they play safe and are entertained while my adult guests can enjoy themselves too. Any advice? Thanks!

-Vanessa C. 

There is nothing more fun—for kids—than a pool party. That said, it’s not always fun for the host—because water makes grown-ups nervous, and rightly so, safety should always come first. It is so important that you keep those kids safe, as accidents can happen so easily! I would suggest “splurging” for a local life guard; they typically can be hired for about $15-$20 an hour. It’s a small price to make sure everyone is safe and free to have fun. You can also monitor the pool with a friend and take turns working the pool area.

Now for the fun part! I would suggest getting some of the older kids (yours or your neighbors’) to arrange games in the pool, like water balloons! Don’t forget the pool floats and noodles!

An ideal pool party allows parents to enjoy their kids but also have time to socialize with their like-aged peers. Set up tiers of appetizers (spanakopita, cucumber tea sandwiches, cheeses) and drinks inside primarily for the adults, while easy finger food can stay outside for the kids to devour. I love snacks that all ages can enjoy, like crudités, Nutella mini-sandwiches, juice slushies, etc.) Be sure to have plenty of water, so no one gets dehydrated.

Make sure you have extra towels and a bucket of complimentary sunscreen for your guests: they will thank you for it (especially the forgetful ones)! You can even plan to have an umbrella set up outside, for those with more sensitive skin. Music is always a great way to set the mood, but better that it’s inside so you can hear all the kids splashing about.

And don’t forget, the pool wears everyone out, so keep the party short and sweet! One of my favorite party philosophies is to always leave your guests wanting more. But most of all, enjoy yourselves, and don’t be afraid to get wet with the kids, whether you’re 18 or 80! Marco?

-Carolina B.