Curb Appeal: Easy Tips for Making the Best First Impression

The biggest mistake someone selling his or her home can make is spending the entire renovation budget on the inside of the house. Do they think that potential buyers will ignore the front of the house and not make an opinion until they get inside? Curb appeal has never meant so much in a housing market as it does today! Buyers begin to assess a home as soon as they notice the initial listing photo. Want to make the most for your home? Here are some simple tips to make the best first impression!

By Carson Arthur

Planters - BHGRELife.com1. Choose containers over plant beds to add color to the front yard

Having plants is not necessarily a bad idea. In fact, homes with healthy plants and flowers are considered more welcoming to a homebuyer. The key, however, is for the front yard not to appear high maintenance. Plant sparingly because not everyone has a green thumb. Instead, use containers to bring plants that are in bloom to the front door, maximizing the visual interest in the space.