Living Large With Tiny Boston Condos

Living Large With Tiny Boston Condos

Not everyone in Boston is looking for an enormous mansion on a multi-acre lot. Some of the hottest types of Boston real estate are actually small condos, which can be as small as 300 square feet in size. These tiny Boston condos give homeowners the option of moving into the more desirable areas within the city without having to break the bank. If you’re looking for Boston real estate and are considering buying a smaller unit, take a look at the following tips on how you can create a beautiful, livable home with a limited amount of space.

Create a Floor Plan in Advance
Planning out your home decor is one of the most important steps in creating a functional living area especially for smaller spaces. If you go the route of buying a couch or a bed that appeals to your sense of style without considering its size, you are likely to end up with a piece of furniture that’s much too large for the amount of space you have to work with.

Not only will you need to think about whether a new furniture piece will actually fit in your prospective home, you’ll also want to make sure it works with other furniture pieces as well. The best way to do this is by obtaining or creating a floor plan of your home and making note of the measurements for the furniture pieces you’re considering, ensuring that there’s still plenty of space even after you fill your home with furniture. A home decorating tool by Better Homes and Gardens allows you to do just that! You can use this tool to create a floor plan of your home and arrange your future furniture pieces however you want before you even start shopping.

Use Color and Light to Your Advantage
Certain visual elements can open up your home and make it appear much more spacious. An easy way to create this visual effect in a small home is by painting and decorating with lighter colors. You can also use window dressings that allow plenty of light to come into your home and give it a larger appearance.

Establish a De-cluttering Routine
Clutter can ruin the ambience of any home regardless of its size, and it can make a small space nearly unlivable. Once your home is decorated, create a regular routine for clearing away any of the excess clutter that may have built up. Make it a habit of donating or throwing out items you no longer use. If you find that you are accumulating more items than you can put away, look into creative storage solutions like hanging wall shelves or purchasing furniture pieces with storage compartments.

Where to find Small Home in Boston
Small homes shouldn’t be overlooked. They can definitely be a great solution for buyers who want a prime location as well as affordability when searching for a home in Boston.  There are plenty of small Boston condos that give more homeowners the ability to enjoy the perks of property ownership in desirable areas. Micro-condos also give many first time homebuyers the opportunity to purchase property that they may not have otherwise been able to afford.

A popular example of a micro-condo is a unit located on 141 Arlington Street, which contains a modest 330 sq. ft. of space, which includes one bedroom and one bathroom. This property valued to be a little less than $300,000. A similar unit on 8 Brimmer St in the Beacon Hill area is at about 360 sq. ft.

Purchasing a small home can be a great decision for people who are looking to own Boston real estate but who may not be able to afford a traditional house. With the right decoration and planning, these tiny Boston condos can be inviting, efficient and comfortable.