Where to Find the Right Information When Moving Out of State

Where to Find the Right Information When Moving Out of State

Relocating to a new state can be an exciting and complicated process. Whether you are moving out of state because of a job transfer or for personal reasons, locating vital information and finding resources that will help you with your move is essential. While each move is unique, and each location may have different resources that can help you, there are some common places to look for information.

Buyer’s Agents – If you are planning to purchase a home in your new location, contacting a buyer’s agent is your best bet to assist you with your search. A buyer’s agent is a real estate agent who specializes in representing buyers who are looking for a home. Not only can a buyer’s agent help you locate the perfect home for you and your family, but he or she will likely be a veritable wealth of information about the neighborhoods, schools, employment options, and attractions that are within your new location.

Government Website – By doing a simple internet search for the city, town or county government where you plan to move to, you will likely find numerous relevant links to sites that can help make your transition easier. In fact, most cities have a website devoted entirely to people who are relocating to their state in order to provide them with local information including everything from how to connect utilities to how to register to vote. Links to all state government websites, and many county websites within each state, can be found by clicking here.

Chamber of Commerce – Another helpful resource is a local chamber of commerce. Just as many local government websites dedicate a page to those who are moving out of state, so do most chamber of commerce websites. Often, the local chamber of commerce goes one step further and offers a “new resident” package that can be mailed out to you. Typically, the packet includes information about the area, instructions for registering children for school, contact information for utilities, and other useful information for new residents.

Transferring Driver’s License and Mailing Address – After ensuring that your utilities are connected, transferring your driver’s license and changing your mailing address are likely the next two most important tasks when relocating to a new state. Your change of address can be completed online through the United States Postal Service website.

By making use of some, or all, of these resources, you should find that moving to a new state is not as stressful as you thought it might be. In fact, it should turn out to be just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your life!