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10 Easy Low-Cost Upgrades for Your Home

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Update your lighting fixtures

Replace your old lighting fixtures with an elegant chandelier in the dining room or industrial style lighting in the kitchen. Create layers of light in a room by installing dimmers, adding floor lamps and adjustable lamps. However, first, look around and see if you can upgrade your current fixtures through a simple DIY project like the one below.

Add curb appeal

This is especially important if you are putting your house on the market. The entry to a house is the first impression potential buyers get. Add a coat of fresh paint, fix anything that’s broken and plant greenery. Check out a few tips for creating a beautiful walkway design for your visitors.

Paint your old floor tiles

This easy upgrade allows you to not only change the color scheme of your floor, but to add fun designs if you are bored of a plain floor.

Paint the doors

You probably noticed that many easy home upgrades on this list involve painting old stuff. That comes as no surprise as it’s by far one of the most cost-efficient ways to make old items look like new again. If you already have good quality items and materials in your house, it makes sense to simply make it look fresh again as opposed to replacing them with new items.

Add a statement piece

Whether it’s a piece of wall art, a chandelier or a beautiful new couch, add one item in your room that looks expensive and acts as a focal point. It will add more balance to your space, while making it look more complex.

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