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4 Ways to Create the Effect of a Luxurious Bathroom Makeover

You always know a luxurious bathroom when you see one. It sparkles, shines and looks like something straight out of the Better Homes and Garden magazine. However, a luxurious bathroom makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. You can increase the value of your home and achieve the effects of a luxurious bathroom makeover by implementing these unique, budget-savvy home renovation tips. You get all the beauty and benefits without breaking the bank. Now that’s something to get excited about!

 1. Pay Attention to the Decorative Details

The details in your bathroom will always make a powerful statement. Ignoring them can keep the space looking mediocre and plain. To achieve the effect of a luxurious bathroom on a budget, place important on the small things, instead of the large costly items.

Ornamental items, such as artwork, statues, candles and other décor items can change the appeal of the entire space into a more luxurious one. Think about the tones that are often associated with luxury, such as gold, silver, chrome and sparkling, shiny elements. Focusing your decorative details on the fancy materials and colors will add a spark on contrast and luxury.

Additionally, the color of your bathroom holds great power within your bathroom, as it can create an astonishing visual affect that impacts the entire ambiance and aesthetics. Keep this in mind within your decorative elements, even if the materials aren’t luxurious.

2. Add in Character with an Accent Wall

When you’re not looking to do a complete renovation, focus your luxury design aspirations an accent wall. There’s no need to start adding paint tape to everything in your bathroom. Instead, pick one wall and focus on adding crucial details that will take your bathroom to the next level of luxury.

Finishes and textures can be expensive if you’re adding them to the entire room. They’ll also blend in, and not make the powerful statement you want to achieve. However, focusing on an accent wall does quite the opposite. It’s an affordable alternative that adds an impactful appearance that reflects well throughout the space.

Add textured wallpaper that has the appearance of luxurious materials, such as stone or marble on an accent wall. It’ll instantly add dimension and extravagant elegance into the space.

You can also combine the previous tip to creating the effect of a luxurious bathroom makeover with this one. Add large decorative details onto a wall to turn it into an accent wall. Large mirrors with a gold frame, or large art pieces can turn a plain wall into a fancy masterpiece.

3. Natural Materials are Timeless and Luxurious

If you take a look at any luxurious bathroom, you’ll see one thing in common – almost all of them have incorporated natural materials into the space. Whether it’s on the walls, floors or in the small details, fancy spaces take advantage of the natural aesthetics the world has provided. They’re timeless, elegant and can instantly increase the value and style of your bathroom.

Marble and onyx are certainly amongst the top natural materials used in luxurious bathroom makeovers. However, they’re also one of the more expensive options. The good news is that any natural materials will work wonders when trying to achieve a fancy ambiance.

New wood flooring, wooden vines and green plants can add a spark of nature, ambiance and luxury into the space for a fraction of the cost. You receive all the benefits of natural stone within the big price tag.

4. Lighting is Everything

If there’s one thing you’ll continuously hear being associated with a flawless interior design, it’s lighting. Lighting holds the power within any space. It can make a small room appear larger; a dark room appear livelier and a boring room appear more luxurious. Lighting will also affect the ambiance and design of your home, which is why it’s so important when creating the effect of a luxurious bathroom makeover.

There are two options available; you can go grand and extravagant with large, statement lighting fixtures; or you can go with a subtler approach with strategically placed accent lights. Both will have a similar affect when used properly.

Place large lighting fixtures, such as gold-toned chandeliers to achieve that powerful statement of luxury, or place spotlights throughout the space for a sweet, softer glow.

Since the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, it’s time to give yours a little TLC. Bathrooms are a huge selling point if you decide to list your home in the future. Creating the effect of a luxurious bathroom with these home decorating tips, and increase the value, aesthetics and enjoyment of your home.