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Ask A Pro Q&A – Paint or Pressure Wash Brick?

Carson Arthur, outdoor design pro, shares his recommendations for painting or pressure washing the brick exterior of a home.


I have a client selling his 1950s red brick ranch home in an East Atlanta neighborhood. He is debating whether or not to paint the red brick or just pressure wash it. The majority of the homes in the neighborhood are not painted, but the homes that are on the market are painted. He bought the home in 2018. Selling summer of 2020. The home has appreciated but not by too much. I am trying to guide him to tackle projects that will create the most ROI.

What do you recommend; paint or pressure wash?
Thank you! Josh E.


Definitely pressure wash. Painting brick is irreversible. A buyer can always choose to paint brick afterwards…but if they are actually looking for brick…they won’t choose to remove the paint. If the house reads dreary, paint the window trims and the door to give it some pop.