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Create Your Own Retreat with These Backyard Water Features

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Backyard water features serve any lifestyle and budget. From fountains to gardens, flowing water instills a sense of harmony and balance to any outdoor space. Explore your options to craft the backyard of your dreams!

Small garden fountain

If you don’t have room for a large water feature or don’t want to build one due to lack of resources, you can go small and still have something lovely. Create a pot fountain or a tabletop water garden that offers a bit of a splash.

You can even make a portable water feature that can be moved around depending on where people gather in your yard. Small garden fountains are ideal for balconies and compact decks. They provide a bit of nature in areas that don’t see a lot of foliage or other earthy elements.



Spherical water fountain

Flowing water in the garden takes on an ethereal look when it curves magically around an already mystical object. Consider a spherical water garden for your backyard whether you have a traditional or modern space. This water feature can be made with inexpensive materials and doesn’t take much time to put it together.

With a terracotta bowl and sphere, along with a small submersible pump and a few other supplies, you can have a water feature that will provide hours of enjoyment and wow guests. We love the idea of placing rocks or pebbles in the bowl for added dimension.

Backyard pond

A backyard pond is a water feature that’s obviously most suitable for a home or condominium with a substantial yard. It is not that hard to make yourself if you have the time and motivation.

Many a unique pond (even with a waterfall!) has been created in only a weekend with tools purchased from the local home improvement store. Backyard ponds look amazing bordered by regional flora and fauna, some of which may even be able to grow up from under the water.


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