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The Best Apps to Use When Looking for Local Things to Do

Whether you’re bored at home on the weekend, traveling to a new city for the first time or looking for something new to do in your area, smartphone technology is here to save the day. With just a swipe of your thumb, you can discover local entertainment in a matter of seconds.  Here are some great apps to bring excitement into your life.


Find Popular Events with Eventbrite

As your schedule clears, it’s time to log onto the Eventbrite app to book some tickets. This application is one of the best for discovering popular events happening in your area. It provides recommendations based on your interests and also lets you know which of your friends are attending each event.

HeyLets for Everyday Activities

For the days when you’re bumming around, use the HeyLets app. This community-driven platform is a self-proclaimed social city and travel guide, which makes it easy to find everything from unique places to dine, to nightclubs, to thrilling activities and outdoor experiences. You’ll get recommendations based on your interests and you can follow people who inspire you to discover the local adventures awaiting you.

Now for When You Need Excitement Right Now

As the name suggests, Now is an app that puts events happening in real-time at your fingertips. It scans Facebook, Instagram and other popular social media platforms to find events . Click on a photo or video and get the location and details of the event so you can head to it right now.

LocalMind for Finding Events that are Worthy of Your Time

The only thing worse than having nothing to do is getting up to something for no reason. LocalMind provides a unique experience. Instead of simply listing your options, the app allows you to ask questions to those that have checked into the location to find out if that event downtown is worth it, or if you’ll be able to find parking in the middle of the city to check out the new escape room venue. Just log into LocalMind and ask.

Use DoStuff for Big City Events

Although it currently caters to only 20 of the largest cities in North America, DoStuff deserves some recognition. Since it focuses on a small handful of locations, DoStuff never forgets an event. Use the built-in calendar to track the dates and times of the local events and prepare for some excitement.

Gravy for Events Based on Your Mood

When you’re in the mood for adventure, sign into Gravy. This app suggests things to do in your area based on your current mood. For the days when you’re not sure what you want to do, let Gravy take care of the hard part, showing you things to do within walking distance, or in a larger radius if you want.

Combine All the Apps with Field Trip

An app from Google is an app you can trust. Field Trip provides an innovative experience that you just can’t find anywhere else. This app pulls information from popular event-finding applications such as Thrillist, the Food Network, Cool Hunting and more to help you find the unique, hidden things happening around you. Turn on notifications to have Field Trip buzz you when you’re in close proximity to something that may interest you. It’s modern technology at its finest.


With these seven smartphone apps, you’ll never be left wondering what to do. Discover all the events, activities, venues and excitement happening around you at any given time with a simple flick of your finger. Technology is great!