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BHGRE #HappyHome

This past year has shed light on what is truly important, shifting many of our priorities. It’s no longer about losing weight to look better; it’s about exercising to feel better. What’s now important is our physical and mental health and that of our loved ones. This is the moment for self-care and recovery.

Moving forward, let’s focus on things that can improve our lives. It’s time to get organized, reduce daily stress, and make our homes a warm and peaceful space, rather than somewhere we are confined.

Begin this journey with us. Below you can discover how incorporating certain colors and décor can create a soothing and calm environment. Learn what textures, scents, and décor will make certain spaces feel inviting and evoke a sense of calm. Explore the benefits of meditation, the importance of living in the moment, and numerous mindful activities that are fun and benefit your mental health. Those of you who live in chilly places uncover ways to enjoy nature and the great outdoors, even if it’s cold. Explore fun, unique winter activities discovering how to create a cozy outdoor space, and read about several creative ideas for hosting small and distanced outdoor gatherings.

Welcome to the BHGRE #HappyHome series.

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