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Colorful Summer Tabletops

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by Jennifer Adams

Looking for inspiration for your table this season? A lot of ideas are probably right in front of you! Think about those gorgeous berries, fresh fruit, vegetables… summer means a garden exploding with color.

A big part of what makes food appetizing is color, so, why not choose colors from foods? Wander through your own garden or your neighborhood, visit a farmers’ market or produce section of your favorite grocery store to get more ideas.

Whether you are decorating a festive outdoor gathering or bringing the spirit of the outdoors inside, beautiful colors in plates, tablecloths, napkins, even flatware and drinking glasses are ripe for the picking in every store you look this season.

Here are more tips for a festive, bright summer table!

Colorful Summer Tablescapes -


Not everything on your table should be bright colors. If you have a colorful patterned tablecloth, keep your dishes simple and off-white, and accent with napkins and a centerpiece that match the tablecloth. Just like a stunning salad on a white plate, choose a white or off-white tablecloth to go with brightly colored dishes!






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