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Container Gardening: What Works Best

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The very best methods for growing container gardening vegetables

There’s no better time to start planting than in spring. Gardening vegetables in a container is a great way to grow healthy food and an easy way to add some color to porches or around windows. To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of some of the best methods for gardening vegetables in containers.


Window boxes

Are you short on yard space? Do you lack a front porch? Then a window box might be the perfect solution! Vegetables often need between six and eight hours a day of sunlight, so just make sure your window boxes get enough light.





Clay pots versus plastic

Clay pots are arguably more attractive than plastic pots. They are often more expensive and dry out faster in the sun. With that said, if you decide to invest in clay pots, consider having it glazed to hold water. If you prefer the unglazed look, a trick of the trade is to insert a plastic pot into a one made of clay.

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