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Creating a Floor Plan Before Moving to Your New Home

If you plan to move shortly, then you have plenty on your agenda to prepare for it. A few of the tasks that are likely to need your attention include finding a moving company, packing, and shopping for furniture for your new place. However, one of the most important tasks may be to create a detailed floor plan of your new home. By allocating time and attention to a floor plan before the move, you will guarantee yourself peace of mind. Not only will your furniture and belongings fit into your new space perfectly, they will provide you the functionality to live there comfortably.


Start With Measurements

The best way to get started on creating a floor plan of your new space is to take measurements of everything possible that is measurable. You may be able to obtain a copy of your new floor plan to help you with your floor plan, especially if it is a newly constructed home or an apartment. Although measurements of floor plans should be accurate, the scale is not always exact. It is important to take measurements not only of wall space but door and window openings, the distance between electrical outlets and similar areas throughout the house. An accurate measurement allows for a simple process when planning the placement of your furniture. Detailed measurements of your furniture will also ensure it all fits through your doorways.


Utilize Free Online Tools

If your floor plan is not available, there is the option of creating one yourself. Consider using a free online planning service called It provides a tool that maps out new spaces easily, accurately and most importantly, quickly. It has a library of tools and objects that allows you to design your floor plans even if you have little or no prior experience.


Keep Function in Mind

As you plan out where your furniture will be placed within your new space, always keep its function in mind. When you are deciding on your furniture placement, try to visualize each room as if it is full of people. The placement of your furniture should allow for a natural flow of movement throughout the room when people are in it. To get the flow of your space right, you may want to collaborate with others and have a brainstorming session.


Plan Time for Changes

Finally, realize that a digital floor plan is not the same as the real thing. When you move in and set up your new home, expect to make some changes to your floor plan. You may even need to live in your new space for a few days or even weeks before you determine what you are comfortable with and what you are not.

It is worth taking the time to make a floor plan prior to moving as it will be an immense help in creating less stress, saving time and easing the transition to your new home.