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Interior Design

Cozy and Inviting Dining Room Interior Design Ideas

Transform a bare or outdated dining room into an inviting, modern space with just a bit of design inspiration. Explore a collection of dining room interior design ideas to ignite a spark when it’s time to plan a perfect place for eating and gathering.


Instead of a traditional chandelier, consider hanging lanterns over a dining table. Lanterns feel much less formal and add a unique lighting touch that will start conversations.





Floral drapes

Create a relaxed dining room with floral drapes in bold patterns. Go big on color, too. Think turquoise, emerald green, bright yellow and even hot pink.








Coastal dining room

Use rattan accents in a coastal-inspired dining room, such as on chairs and for table settings. You might even drop a rattan light fixture over the table or hang rattan artwork.




Art Deco wallpaper

Large flowers and jungle-themed wallpaper create a laid-back but beautiful aesthetic. Make a dining room burst with high-energy design by adding dark green curtains or molding.


Subtle silver

Infuse silver into a dining room by spray painting the backs of vintage chairs in a matte finish. Complete the look with complimentary matte silver light fixtures and picture frames.

Vintage gold

With the right vintage gold on the base of your dining chairs, on lighting or as a tableware accent, you can create a warm space for friends and family.





High-gloss ceiling

Some homeowners assume that painting their dining room ceiling in a high gloss will look too formal. However, high-gloss paint gives a room a stunning and inviting candlelit glow.


Rustic dining table

Create a cozy retreat in your home by opting for a rustic wood dining table. A plank table is perfect when paired with plush velvet dining chairs and minimalist lighting.





Feminine wallpaper

Hand-painted tea wallpaper or print recreations of this gorgeous look give a dining room a welcoming feminine feel. Look for paper at antique shows or vintage shops. Search for wallpaper with pretty flowers in shades of green, blue, yellow, pink and gold.



Gorgeous grey

Grey gives a tranquil feel to a dining room. It can be a great neutral shade for a streamlined but peaceful setting and it’s an ideal color for relaxed rooms with linen dining chairs and placemats.






Play with textiles

Textiles can make a world of difference in a dining room. Cover chairs, tables and even walls with complementary fabrics for a layered look. Their tactile nature creates that cozy touch you’re after.







Lacquer and velvet

Chairs and walls that are lacquered and velvet are ultra-plush.  They also create a space that  loved ones will want to sink into. Go glam or low-key luxe. Either way, this room will be one that you’ll want to spend time in.

Dark green paint

Dark green wall paint will anchor a dining room. Add Louis XVI-style dining chairs and a sleek glass table that doesn’t take away from the effect of the walls.


Inspired by nature

A wood table with prominent banding, large plants and nature-hued paint give a dining room an earthy touch. Think of ways to bring the peacefulness of nature into your family’s dining space.





Photography as art

Photographs have an intimate feel and they’re perfect to display in an inviting dining room. Oversized photos are conversation starters as well as triggers for wonderful memories.







Hand-painted flooring

Hand-painted and stenciled flooring offers a casual vibe for a dining room. Honeycomb patterns from the 1930s are popular, as are French-inspired designs.


Dining room doubling as a library

Let the dining room do double duty as the space where you eat and become inspired. Reserve one wall for a large library to display prized books and show off design-focused magazines.





Vintage lighting

Hit the flea market to find old chandeliers and vintage lighting pieces from the 1920s or earlier. Add silk curtains to a room for an elegant but easy effect.





These are just some of the ways to approach interior design for your dining room. The key to creating a cozy and inviting space lies in thinking about what decorating style will make you feel most at home.