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The Dyeing Trend – Fun Ways to Tie Dye Home Accessories

The tie dye trend is back for more stylish fun! This time, these vibrant splashes of color aren’t just taking over your wardrobe with 90s-inspired shirts and bicycle shorts. Instead, interior design enthusiasts have found creative ways to revitalize home accessories with tie dye. If your home décor needs a bit of pizzazz, you’ll certainly want to consider these colorful designs.

Shower in Style
Start every morning off with a splash of color. It’s incredibly easy to tie dye fabric, including your shower curtain. Grab a bucket of your favorite hues and dip it in for a stylish start to a great day.

Brighten up Dull Lampshades
Lampshades are often forgotten. They’re dusty, dull and dreary and can cast a shadow on the interior of your home. Brighten up your rooms with a dip into tie dye.

Dine on Some Tie Dye
This interior design trend can add a splash of unique tones to more than just fabrics. You’ll need some additional materials, but your kitchen accessories can also delight in fun twirls of color.

Throw a Splash into Your Interior
The best thing about the tie dye trend is that all fabrics can soak in swirls of color. Toss your throw pillow covers into a bucket of tie dye to add a splash of style to your interior.

Transform Wicker Baskets
Wicker baskets are great to have within the household. They’re excellent storage options for everything from linens and throws to keys and clutter. However, wicker doesn’t necessarily radiate style. Transform your wicker storage into pieces of practical art with a bit of tie dye.

Create a Princess-Worthy Masterpiece
If your bedroom canopy isn’t making you feel like royalty, summon tie dye fabric. This is a craft you can do as a family to create style and make memories.

Hide Stains
It’s not really time to toss that old, stained rug. You just need some tie dye to let swirls of color soak into the fabric. You’ll have a new area rug without a massive price tag.

Treat Seasonal Decorations
It’s time to channel your inner creativity to introduce this unique style into the holiday seasons. Add tie dye to cornhusks for Thanksgiving or dip a holiday wreath in red and green for winter.

Revitalize Drapery
Add a trendy touch to your drapery with tie dye fabric. Ombre tie dye designs have already been a hot topic for hair and clothing. It’s about time the interior design industry indulged.

Revive Old Kitchen Fabrics
If your home accessories are dull, dip them into some tie dye. This unique DIY interior craft is a way to revitalize old home décor items while turning them into a modern masterpiece.

Revitalize your entire home with a simple dip of color.