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Five Party Themes for Fall

Fall is a great time to throw a party. The weather is a comfortable cool. There are still a few months before it’s all snow and cold! If you’re planning a party, here are few suggestions for the best fall-themed party ever!


rusticRustic is a great fall party theme for those who prefer a restrained and minimalist approach to party decoration. Small twigs and fallen branches are not hard to come by this season. Collect them in a tall vase and arrange some dried leaves to create the focal point of your party table. Be sure to gather enough leaves in varying shades of red and yellow to add excitement to your arrangement.


halloweenThis is an easy one. Chances are you already have troves of Halloween decoration leftover from yesteryear in your attic or basement to choose from. Reuse the orange placemats for table setting, but perhaps it’s time to ditch that ratty old witch hat. Carve up some fresh pumpkins. Place pumpkin bread-scented candles in your Jack-O-Lanterns to infuse your home with the fragrance of the season.


harvestEnjoy fall’s bounties by throwing a harvest-themed party. Use dried corns and mini gourds for your centerpieces. Instead of fancy bottle holders, store your wine bottles in a basket and add a few stalks of dried wheat to complete the look. For extra fun, see if you can acquire a few bales of hay to use as ottomans. Your guests would love those!


footballHut hut! Football is back! Celebrate the return of football season by throwing a party to end all parties! Deck out the room with your team colors and invite your buddies over to cheer on. Of course it’s not a football party without fiery buffalo chicken wings and endless chips and dips. Play your team’s music over the living room speakers and get amped up for a game night to remember!

Girl's Night

girls_nightThe weather is getting chilly, so why not have a Girl’s Night In? Pick a fun theme. Light some candles, have some cupcakes, and catch up with your girlfriends!