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How Drought Friendly Landscaping Can Help You Sell Your Home

Are you aware that your home’s value can improve by as much as 10 to 12% by simple adjustments to your property’s landscaping? If you are seeking to sell your home, by making simple landscaping improvements that are drought friendly, you will boost your home’s value tremendously. A drought friendly landscape is especially of interest to buyers who are seeking to purchase modern properties.

Drought is a “hot” topic in the news today, especially with California in the middle of one of its worst droughts on record. Eco-conscious home shoppers are seeking properties that not only appear attractive but do not need a lot of upkeep. Home shoppers avoid homes with large green lawns or extensive garden beds. Instead of appreciating a traditionally landscaped lawns and observing its beauty, this generation of home shoppers views it as a waste of natural resources.

Traditional landscaping that consists of green grass yards, trees, shrubs, and perennial flowers may appear pretty.  Unfortunately, this type of landscaping is less desirable as it requires tons of water and a generous amount of time to prune, weed and tend the plants. While mature trees and shrubs usually exist on rainfall, most of these plants will wither and die without water.

Drought friendly landscaping, also known as xeriscaping, focuses on plants that are native to an area. Native plants are ideal in drought areas as they adapt well to their environment, thriving and growing without relying on excess water. There are many native plants that have attractive leaves or flowers but most importantly, they do not need to be watered, require less fertilizer and fewer pest control measures. As a result, they conserve natural resources and homeowner’s money.

Drought friendly landscaping is sustainable throughout any season. Compare this to traditional landscaping, which must be watered heavily from spring through fall to thrive. You may not want to allocate any time or money maintaining your landscaping, even one that is drought friendly. Consider the alternative: In Sacramento, a homeowner was forced to accept an offer that was $9,000 under the asking price as the yard needed a complete landscaping makeover due to negligence.

Drought-Proof Your Yard and Garden

  • Swap out foreign for native plants that require little water.
  • Reduce or eliminate entirely the grass in the yard. Replace with artificial grass.
  • Convert a portion of the yard to a deck or patio, eliminating the need for grass underneath.
  • Increase hardscaping with the use of concrete, pavers, mulch or gravel
  • Grow edible plants such herbs that require water but serve a purpose – they’re not just ornamental.
  • Create an attractive yard that will entice home shoppers.

If you are eager to sell your home, make sure that you do not overlook the importance of providing landscaping that adds value to your home. At least four weeks before you put your house on the market, have a consultation with a landscaping professional who can help you implement these drought friendly landscaping ideas.