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Irish You a Happy St Patrick’s Day

You don’t have to go out to have a golden good time. We have pulled together all the great ways you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at home. Below are crafts and décor ideas, fun activities, and delicious recipes that will have your friends green with envy.  

Clover Craft and Décor Ideas

Your littles ones will love making these phenomenal St. Patrick’s Day crafts.   

Let the colors shine bright and make your very own macrame rainbow!It’s not only an enjoyable activity, but a mindful one as well.   

Break out your shamrocks and try these good luck charms to prepare your home for a small Irish-inspired get together.  

Top o’the mornin! Make a leprechaun hat out of an old flowerpot. Simply flip it upside down and paint it bright green. Paint a black band around the bottom of the pot or glue a black ribbon around the base. Then paint a gold box around the black strip to create the buckle. 

Paint rocks and stones with positive messages on them and leave them around the neighborhood. Not only will you have fun decorating them, but you just may cheer up someone else.  

Golden Games and Activities

Have a virtual scavenger hunt! Make a list of things people need to find in their home such as 5 different green items, something lucky, an Irish item,or rainbow object 

St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t need to be all about green. Break out all the colors and uncover how to have the ultimate kids rainbow gathering 

Discover fun ways you can celebrate at home

Hold a pot of gold scavenger hunt for your kids. Bake small round sugar cookies and paint them with gold edible icing or top them with gold sprinkles. Then place each one in a small individual bag and hide them around your home or backyard so the kiddos can fill up their pots with golden “coin” cookies.  

Spend some time learning about what St. Patrick’s Day is and why we celebrate it

Dress up your pets in festive green and Irish attire and take them for a walk so people can enjoy the cuteness.Don’t forget to take photos!

Set up a face painting booth at home or in your backyard. Paint on rainbow eyebrows or paint a few four-leaf clovers on your kids face.

Hold a virtual Irish beer tasting party. 

Did you ever wonder why four-leaf clovers area symbol for good luck? Read 7 fun facts about four-leaf clovers to get in the spirit!   

Pot of Golden Recipes

Warm up your day with classic Irish soda bread.

Find healthy and delicious St. Patrick’s Day recipes such as baked oven fries or an incredible slow-cooker stout and chicken stew.  

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the best Irish recipes that have been selected and reviewed.  

These corned beef recipes will leave you satisfied for days.  

Make an edible pot of gold! Create a scrumptious dirt cup and top it off with gold sprinkles. Then cut a strip of rainbow sour candy and stick it out of the top. 

Check out these mouthwatering delicious dessert recipes 

Bake Rice Krispy treats but add a touch of green food coloring to the mixture. Cut them out in the shape of shamrocks before you munch on your delicious treats. 

Tired of green beer? Here are plenty of tasty green drinks recipes that aren’t beer. Spice up your night with avocado margaritas or have a refreshing afternoon with a lemon-cucumber cocktail.