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Pet Hotel Etiquette When Your Move Involves an Overnight Stay

If your move involves a long road trip, you’ll likely need to find pet friendly lodging along your travel route.  You may also find that you need temporary accommodations in your new home town.  It’s important to be sure to follow some simple tips for making sure the hotel stay is enjoyable, and that your pet does not “wear out his welcome”.

Find the Best Pet Friendly Room

If possible, it is best to book a room on the hotel’s ground floor, and one that is near an exit.  This makes it convenient and easy to get outside quickly for bathroom breaks.

Make Sure Your Pet “Goes” in the Right Spot

When you arrive, ask the manager or front desk where the established area is located for your dog to use the bathroom.  You should be vigilant in following their rules about where your dog can go to “do his business”, and of course, be prepared to clean up after your pet with your own supply of poop bags.

Exercise is Key

In addition to the move itself,  the long car ride and hotel stay can cause your pet to become a bit anxious.  Ensuring that your pet gets ample exercise will help to lessen his anxiety, and will result in a calmer (and well-behaved) pet.  You can ask the hotel staff about a nearby area where where they recommend you walk or run with your pet.

Respect the Accommodations

You should properly cover all furniture and beds where your pet may lay.  If the pet friendly hotel has rules about pets not being allowed on the furniture, be sure to follow them.

Where to Put the Litter Box

If it is your kitty who is traveling along with you, place his litter box in the bathroom.  This allows for easier clean up and less mess.

When You Have to Leave the Room

Pet friendly accommodations have different rules about whether your pet can be alone in the room.  It’s advised to only to leave your pet unattended when there are no other options.  Even if your pet is well-behaved, he can still bark, become restless and then cause damage when he is somewhere unfamiliar.  If you have to leave your pet alone, don’t be gone long.  Tell the front desk or manager that your pet is alone in your room, and then turn on the radio or TV to make your pet more at ease.  If your pet uses a crate or kennel, put him in there when you leave.  Also, stick a note on your door to let others know that your pet is in your room.

Leave a Good Impression, Not Critters

When preparing for your trip, be sure to give your pet a bath, which includes a flea and tick treatment.  Also, use a preventative flea and tick method to keep him critter-free on the trip.  If you leave behind a bad smell, or even worse, the pests, then you are at risk for losing your pet deposit.

 Accidents Will Happen

If your pet does not have “accidents” at home while inside, he may when he is in unfamiliar territory and stressed.  Pack a disinfecting spray and a towel for the trip, just in case you have to clean up after your pet.  Once again, you could lose your pet deposit if you leave a mess behind.

Always Keep Him On-Leash

In order to keep your pet safe, you should avoid situations where he may not be under your control.  When you keep him leashed, you will ensure his safety, and the safety of other guests, in case he decides to try and run or become disruptive.  Also, steer clear of the dining areas or other off-limits areas in the hotel, and don’t allow him to roam freely.  Keep in mind that breaking these rules may cut your trip short, if the hotel staff asks you and your furry friend to leave.

When you move, following these simple tips will help to ensure that your overnight stays at pet friendly hotels will be smooth and stress-free. is the premier online pet friendly travel guide — providing online reservations at over 30,000 pet friendly hotels & accommodations across the U.S. and Canada.  When planning a trip, pet parents go to for detailed, up-to-date information on hotel pet policies and pet amenities. also features airline & car rental pet policies, pet friendly activities, a user-friendly search-by-route option, as well as pet travel gear. For more information, please visit