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Plastic Bag Recycling

Plastic bags are known to be a common source of marine debris. Fish and birds mistake them for food, the outcome of which can be heartbreaking to see. These bags are not biodegradable, because they are produced with polyethylene, a non-renewable petroleum product.

It seems as though plastic bags won’t be replaced completely, so recycling them is necessary. Plastic bag recycling can save natural resources; the EPA estimates that every ton recycled saves about 11 barrels of oil. It is easy to do, and it takes very little time. Simply designate a collection bin in your home, and stuff in the bags. Be sure to pull out anything inside first, like receipts and food waste.

Many grocery stores and other places that use plastic bags have bins where you can deposit them when your bin at home is filled up. Some plastic bags may not be recyclable, though. Check for a #2 or #4 before dropping them at a collection site. If they have other numbers, you can reuse them until they are no longer of use.