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Six Tips for Hosting the Best Holiday Party This Season!

Do you have what it takes to host the best holiday party this season? It's actually easier than you think. Creativity is the key. Peruse the following tips and you can turn your party into a smashing success!


1. Present your appetizers in a creative way.

Creative_AppsUse shot glasses or tumblers to display your munchies and dips!

2. Create a crafty centerpiece.

Twine_BottlesWrap twine or decorative ribbon around empty jars or wine bottles and fill them with fresh flowers for easy centerpiece options!

3. Forget about fires.

Forget_About_FiresUse flameless candles to set the right mood for the party with out worrying about spilled wax or a flammable fête. Purchase styles that you can use year-round.

4. Hot cocoa anyone?

Hot_Cocoa_StationCreate a cocoa station and let guests enjoy their favorite childhood beverage!

5. Who doesn’t love party props?

These_Cute_PropsPrint these cute props and pop them on a popsicle stick for guaranteed laughs and great photos!

6. Send every guest home with a pretty parting gift.

Parting_GiftPlace party favor bags by the desserts so that guests can package up their fav goodies for later!