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Tips and Tricks to Stage a Home on a Budget

Staging a home can be the key to selling your home. However, it can sometimes not be ideal for every budget. The good news is that with a few small purchases, a little elbow grease and some simple adjustments, you can revitalize your real estate property while also increasing the home’s value.

RevitalizeOld Furniture
Purchasing new furniture can be an excellent option for staging a home. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the most affordable one. Instead, revamp worn furniture pieces with new slipcovers or a fresh coat of paint. If you are able to purchase new furniture to stage a home, focus on pieces that will define how the space can be used. Oddly shaped rooms, interior pillars and hallways can always use a little pick-me-up to show prospective homebuyers the potential of the area. Grab some corner tables, tall floor lamps and hanging plants to show off the full square footage.

Replace Old Hardware with Modern Updates
Old hardware can be a dead giveaway that a home is in dire need of renovations. Prospective buyers may assume the entire house hasn’t been maintained, updated or repaired. Although hardware is a small detail within the home, it can make a huge impact on its entire appearance. Banish outdated hardware and replace it with modern versions. Everything from cabinet handles, doorknobs, light switches, sink fixtures and even showerheads can make a powerful statement when brand new.

Make Small Rooms Appear Larger with High Ceilings
Increasing the value of a home can be as simple as creating an illusion. Add in strong vertical lines with home décor items to help elongate the walls in areas that have low ceilings. You can also hang floor-to-ceiling drapery to create the illusion of taller ceilings, or hang drapery well past the vertical portions of the window frame to make the room appear larger.

Utilize Comforting Vignettes
While the key to staging a home is getting rid of the clutter, setting up homey vignettes can help prospective buyers picture themselves living in the space. Think about the characteristics that make a house a home and add them into the space. A fresh bouquet of flowers or a bowl of juicy, seasonal fruits can liven up the space while also giving the home a pleasant aroma. You can also stage the dining room table so prospective buyers can imagine themselves enjoying future meals. These small personal touches are enough to create the appearance of a desirable home.

Staging a home doesn’t have to come with a daunting price. These simple adjustments can revitalize any space for a fraction of the cost of a complete staging.