Ask a Pro Q&A: Building an Outdoor Kitchen

Warmer weather is on the way and we can’t wait to spend time in the backyard! We know our readers feel the same way, especially Faye T. and her family. They’re planning to build an incredible outdoor kitchen, complete with a combustion stove. But how can they ensure a safe, family-friendly space? Dream Team member and outdoor design expert Carson Arthur has the recipe for building their backyard oasis!

Ask a Pro Q&A: Building an Outdoor Kitchen -

Q: We’ve made 2016 the year of creating our dream home! We’ve been working on a few updates inside, but we can’t wait to start building an outdoor kitchen. We would love to include a combustion stove but, of course, we want to be careful and not run into any issues down the road. How can we proceed?

-Faye T. 

A: The trick with combustion stoves is to give them adequate space away from anything flammable or heat-retaining. It makes for a tricky design in an outdoor kitchen. You might want to consider going with a style almost like a galley kitchen with an outdoor island. That way you can have the workspace without the threat of catching it on fire from the heat.

-Carson A.