Ask a Pro: Carson Arthur’s Outdoor Sweeps Edition

Missed our Facebook Q&A on the best outdoor design, advice, and gardening tips with outdoor design expert and Dream Team member Carson Arthur? Never fear! We’ve gathered up the answers from the expert himself in our latest Ask a Pro. 

Ask a Pro: Carson Arthur’s Outdoor Sweeps Edition -

Q: I am trying to eradicate spearmint from a very small garden, but it is covered. I’ve put most of my plants in pots so the roots don’t get mixed with the mint. I just keep pulling the mint. Is there a better strategy?

–Tara P.

A: Oh no. That’s evil stuff! Unfortunately, the mint sends roots under the ground making it tough to pull out. Instead, bury the entire area with 7 layers of newspaper (working around the plants you want to save). Cover the newspaper with mulch and voila! An effective mint barrier that will smother the noxious weed and safely biodegrade into the garden.

–Carson Arthur

Q: Hi Carson. I recently planted a jalapeno plant as well as some cilantro in my small garden. Do you have any tips on how to best grow these plants specifically? Thanks!

—Victoria D.

A: Hot! As in, they love it hot! The more heat the better. Consider doing a 6″ cardboard ring around the bottom of pepper plant to allow it as much exposure as possible without any competition from other plants.

–Carson Arthur

Q: I have a 12-foot square area that we have tilled that is literally sandy soil. Mostly sand and rocks. What will grow here? We can’t plant grass because there is just no way to get rid of the rocks. Help!

—Pam M.

A: Tricky problem. I would consider doing a mass planting of some decorative grasses. They will handle the soil and give you amazing fall colour. Look for Northern Rye as a great option.

–Carson Arthur


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