Ask a Pro: How to Get Rid of Honeysuckle

Can outdoor design expert and Dream Team member Carson Arthur help one reader whose garden has been taken over by teaching her how to get rid of honeysuckle? Find out in the latest edition of Ask a Pro!

Ask a Pro: How to Get Rid of Honeysuckle -

Q. Honeysuckle has taken over my yard and is killing my lilac bushes and azaleas. How can I get rid of it without hurting my plants?

–Sophie R.

A. I wish I had better news for you about honeysuckle. Unfortunately it’s very aggressive, as you already know.

Without using chemicals, the only way to remove honeysuckle from your garden is to rip it out under the ground. I know some people that have had success using extra-strength vinegar, but that could actually hurt your existing plants. Best of luck!

-Carson A.