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Interior Design

Go Bold with Color in the Kitchen

Unexpected and bold hues in the kitchen express personality and creativity. The hub of conversation and entertaining is the ideal space to do experiments, both culinary and stylistic. Kitchens can be style standalones, even though white has been traditionally used for cabinets, appliances and walls. If going a bit more daring leaves you hesitant, stick to accents like tiles, seating or counter décor, or simply start over by repainting. Enhance your new hues with multiple sources of light such as recessed ambient lights, pendants and under cabinet lighting. Read on to see which of the following four bold hues will make a statement in your kitchen.


Get tickled pink

Don’t blush while thinking pink. In the 1950s, pink kitchens were quite popular. The vintage-inspired look can update any modern kitchen with blocks or pops of the versatile color. Pink works by itself or when paired with other hues as a base. When matched with blue or green, the effect is cool and restful. With cherry red, pink transforms into a vibrant shade.  Brave souls can go bold with fuchsia or you can go softer with trendy millennial pink. A pink island in any shade can be delightful, as can backsplashes or retro-style refrigerators. This bold kitchen color may be the blast from the past you need to look toward the future of style.

Cozy up to turquoise

Blues in the kitchen can create a welcoming atmosphere by softening stainless steel appliances or lending a splash of ultramodern sophistication. Turquoise goes well with any color. Yellow, black and white are also “go with” colors for turquoise. The centering hue matches well with any wood tone for flooring and cabinets. Team up with red, orange, purple, pink, magenta, deep blue, dark green or beige for an unexpected yet cozy look. To start the transition to this cool hue, consider rugs, tiles, towels, or painting the ceiling.

Burst with yellow

Bring the sunshine indoors no matter the season with bursts or blocks of yellow. Forget black and white – pink and yellow might be the perfect color combination. A yellow sink with a pink backsplash can be fun and bold. When pairing yellow with other colors, only emphasize one hue to give the color scheme a base. Sandy yellow can create a rustic atmosphere with darker wood. Mustard or canary can balance out an industrial-styled kitchen. Citrus hues can accent windows and pale yellows can subtly bring life to the most used room in the house.

Add sophistication with charcoal

Charcoal is a trendy neutral that announces refinement. With the gray hue, coppery surroundings and accessories gain warmth. The high-style combination of Dresden blue, charcoal and white is ultra-sophisticated. Charcoal does absorb quite a bit of light, so make sure there is plenty of lighting. Natural light is best. However, for north-facing windows or rainy climates, large chandeliers or Edison pendant lights will open up the space. Given its versatile nature, this hue highlights accents such as seasonal flowers, vibrant window treatments and rustic exposed beams.


Make a color statement that lasts the test of time with these bold kitchen hues that inspired by the September 1957 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine.