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Home for the Holidays: Clever Hacks with Household Items

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Getting your home ready for the holidays goes beyond hanging a stocking or trimming a tree. With family and friends spending extra time together, why not create a feeling of coziness around the house? The Danes have a word for this warm winter mood: “hygge” (pronounced ”hooga”). This word loosely translates to taking pleasure in soothing things and enjoying a comforting, warm atmosphere at home with loved ones. There are many ways to get in the spirit, without spending a lot. Here are our favorite “holiday hacks” using common household items. - Household Hacks for the HolidaysDisplay Your Good Cheer

If you have a gallery wall in a hallway or gathering room, greet your guests with this easy decor hack: Swap out the photos or artworks in the frames with some in a seasonal spirit. Use colorful greeting cards saved from years past, treasured holiday photos or photos of friends, kids’ winter drawings or snowflake cut-outs, bits of wrapping paper, or festive words!




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