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How to Have a Successful Road Trip

Before you hit the road, explore fun games that your family and friends will enjoy. You can also discover delicious snacks and treats that are perfect for a road trip. Preparing these yummy treats ahead of time means you won’t have to pull over to search for good food. We also recommend you read the following safety and packing tips, so you’re prepared and ready for an adventure. Let the journey begin!


Car Games for All:

  • The letter game is fun and gets the creative juices flowing. The first step is to pick a category such as food, famous people, bands, etc. Each person must go through the alphabet and come up with something in that category that starts with each letter in the alphabet. For example, if the category is food, you could say Asparagus, Banana, Coconut, Donuts, etc.
  • Create a scavenger hunt before you hit the road. Everyone can check things off their list on the drive. A few things you can add to the list include a rare license plate, a unique colored car, a billboard with a pie on it, etc.
  • Pick up magnetic board games for the kids to play in the car. Since the pieces are magnetic, they won’t fly all over the place or roll under the seats.
  • Let the adventure begin with these fun road trip games for adults.
  • 20 Questions is a classic game that offers endless entertainment opportunities. You start by picking a person, place, or thing, and each passenger asks yes or no questions. As more people answer and gain clues, they can start to narrow it down. Don’t answer more than twenty questions. If someone guesses correctly, it becomes their turn.



Recipes for Sweet Snacks and Car Treats:

  • You’ve been warned, this barbecue snack mix is addictive. It is also filling and very simple to make.
  • This slightly spiced but deliciously sweet and nutty popcorn is a road trip winner.
  • Dehydrated food is a healthy and yummy option for a car snack, plus no sticky fingers. Mango, kiwi, peach, and apples are a few great options.
  • The perfect sandwiches for a bumpy road.
  • These make-and-take snacks are perfect for road trips and make great midafternoon snacks that keep you from having to get off the road. Making snacks ahead of time can help save you time, save you money, and they’re delicious.
  • If you’re on the hunt for a tasty but better-for-you treat, try putting together these no-bake lemon-chia bars.
  • Let’s just say we know the muffin man, and he approves of these apple-cinnamon muffins.



Safety and Packing Tips:

  • Learn how to make car trips safer during the pandemic so you can stay healthy while traveling and have a good time.
  • Before you hit the road, ensure your travels are stress-free with trip safety tips and ideas.
  • Check out these tips for taking a road trip with your dog.
  • Things to always pack just in case:
    • An emergency car kit, so you’re fully prepared for any situation
    • Duct tape in case a bag or something rips
    • Resealable plastic bags or Ziplocs to keep things from leaking or protect electronics and things from the weather
    • A variety of over-the-counter medicine just in case someone’s stomach hurts or gets a cold, and you won’t need to search for things in an unfamiliar town or place
    • Insect repellent and sunscreen
    • A picnic blanket so if you see somewhere nice you want to pull over and eat, you are all set

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