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Get Ready for the Summer Olympics

The Olympics are finally right around the corner. Whether you’re a fan of gymnastics, tennis, synchronized swimming, archery, or diving, we have great ideas so you can invite a few pals over for a watch party. Uncover tasty recipes to enjoy while you cheer on your team and awesome at-home games you can play. Below is everything you’ll need to throw the ultimate Olympics watch party.

Gold Worthy Décor and Crafts Ideas

  • Take sheets of yellow and orange tissue paper and stick them out of a silver or black paper cone, resembling a torch with flames.
  • Cause a racket with tennis-themed centerpieces. Just fill glass vases or bowls with tennis balls and add a few flowers to top it off.
  • Create golf-inspired centerpieces by placing sand at the bottom of a tall glass vase and filling it up with golf balls. Make a flagstick by cutting out a paper triangle, gluing it to the top of a chopstick or wooden dowel, and sticking it in the center of the golf balls.
  • Hang different colored ribbons from the doorways to support gymnastics.
  • If you’re looking for slam dunk décor, make a basketball-themed table using a solid orange table paper cover and white tape. Simply drape the orange cover over a rectangular table and place white tape on top to mimic the court lines.
  • Spruce up your backyard with these clever outdoor patio ideas. You can also place tiki torches around the yard to create a beautiful visual. They are easy to install, affordable, and even help repel mosquitos. While they create the perfect ambiance, make sure there is at least 6ft of clearance on all sides, and they are firmly placed into the ground.
  • Spray paint hula hoops so that they resemble the Olympic rings and hang them on your fence.
  • If you want to row up some fun, fill a kayak with ice and make it into a cooler to keep your drinks cold.
  • Visit your local party store and pick up gold and silver plates so your guests can eat like winners.

Award-Worthy Activities

  • Check out these incredible tips for hosting an Olympics watch party.
  • Play ring toss using soda bottles and pool toy rings.
  • Set up a face-painting station with brushes, water cups, a mirror, and paper towels so your guests can paint their teams’ colors on their faces.
  • Hit the links and set up a putting green in the backyard for successful par-tee
  • Instead of archery, swap out arrows for darts. Pin or tape the tail of balloons to an old fence or wall and try to pop them using the darts. Create different difficulty levels by placing lines of tape on the floor at varying lengths from the wall.
  • Uncover tons of fun outdoor yard games. There are many fun games for the backyard that you can buy or even make yourself. Get playing.
  • Set up badminton, table tennis, or a volleyball court in your backyard and get practicing.

Game-Changing Recipes 

  • When I dip you dip, we dip… into a bowl of these incredible recipes. Discover tons of one-bowl summer dip recipes perfect for the summer Olympics.
  • There’s a reason this pesto is so popular, but you’ll have to try it yourself.
  • Don’t go bacon my heart, instead, try these bacon-wrapped appetizers your guests will gobble down.
  • The following muffin tin appetizers are a perfect size and easy to make.
  • These fast and fresh burger recipes will make your taste buds dance.
  • Check out several quick and easy vegetarian dinners that will make everyone happy.
  • This vanilla cake with buttercream, berries, and jam is red, white, blue, and delicious.
  • Have a berry good time and a berry full stomach after whipping up this patriotic flag cake.
  • Make an ice cream bar using waffle cones, so they look like torches.
  • Bake round sugar cookies and paint them with edible gold icing so they resemble medals.
  • Create cookie rings that look like the five Olympic rings. Roll out your cookie dough and cut out circle-shaped cookies. Take a cup or shot glass, flip it upside down, place it in the center of the cookie to trace it, and cut out the center to form a ring. After they are baked and cooled, paint them blue, yellow, black, red, and green.
  • Make American flag pretzel sticks by dipping a pretzel into melted white chocolate about 5 inches. After it has cooled, dip the same end of the pretzel into melted blue chocolate about 1 inch and place white start sprinkles on the blue portion before it dries. Fill a piping bag with red icing and drizzle it back and forth across the white chocolate to create the stripes.
  • Create golf-inspired Jello shots! Make green Jello shots in small clear cocktail cups. Once they have cooled and solidified, place a small white round mint or candy in each cup to look like mini golf balls. Add a small paper triangle to the end of a toothpick to resemble the flagstick and place one in each cup.
  • Start the races and kick off your events with these delectable drink recipes.