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Interior Design

Spruce Up Your Home for Fall

Spruce Up Your Home for Fall -

Go Farmhouse Chic

If you’re looking to revamp the interior design of your home for fall, consider channeling the rustic and rural trimmings of a farmhouse by going farmhouse chic. By bringing in decorative elements such as lanterns, wooden crates, and linen tablecloths, you can easily feel like you’re lounging in a much cozier version of a haystack.

Keep in mind that to successfully pull off this look, you’ll need to practice restraint. The purpose isn’t to turn your home into an actual farmhouse, but to bring in a few elements that give your house a rustic feel. If you’re hosting a party, prop an old washboard up next to your front door to welcome guests, use mini-chalkboards instead of place cards for a table setting, and serve party favors in rustic quilted bags. You could also incorporate the theme into your entertainment for the evening, with games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.