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Spruce Up Your Home for Fall

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Spruce Up Your Home for Fall -

Cozy It Up

Fall is a time to turn away from light summer fabrics and snuggle up with flannels and wool blankets. Sprucing up your living space doesn’t have to break the bank or mean a total design overhaul. For an instant touch of autumn inside your home, consider throw pillows and blankets in rich jewel tones or metallics.

You’d be surprised how well this trick works for every room: take a dominant color in your current décor and find a variant or a contrast in a richer fabric such as satin, wool, or velvet to give your house a feel of fall. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with jewel tones in burnished orange, ruby red, or emerald green. Metallic accents in bronze or gold are great, too. Remember that a thicker fabric will bring a more seasonal texture to the mix—you can get out your wispy chiffons come spring!

No matter what your design style, fall can be a great time to reassess your home interior and make a change. With a few savvy touches here and there, you can incorporate fall into your home and make it an even more comfortable and beautiful space. So get out there, get creative, and enjoy the unique pleasures of fall.

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