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Tips to Consider When Forced to Move During the Winter

For most people, spring is the ideal time to move, but life does not always follow ideal patterns. If the circumstances in your life make a winter move a necessity, here are some tips to take some of the stress out of the process.

Keep Winter Gear Accessible

Make sure to pack your winter gear such as your ice pick, snow shovel, salt and other winter home care items in a designated box or storage container to enable you to access easily them. Keeping salt on hand to melt the ice is essential to keeping your moving crew safe as they head up the sidewalk and into your home.


Send Your Pets Somewhere Else

Consider having your pets boarded with a kennel or a trusted relative to protect them from the cold temperature of winter. Pets are often lost during a move, simply because they become confused with all the commotion taking place during the move. Owners tend to leave doors open while they are moving their belongings into the home, allowing pets to wander off. A pet that is lost in the winter could easily die if the temperatures are low.


Dress in Layers

You may find that your heavy, winter coat is too hot once you start the strenuous work of moving. Instead of packing on your heavy coat, dress in layers. When the work of climbing stairs and lifting furniture warms you up, you can shed layers easily while packing yet put them back on when heading back out in the cold.


Watch the Weather

Become a Weather Channel fan during the week before your move. Know what to expect from the weather before you start the process. Remember, a snowstorm on moving day could result in changes to your planned move. Be flexible with your moving schedule if the weather forecast is ominous.


Have an Alternate Route

The last thing you want is to slide off the road in your moving truck in bad weather. If you were to encounter foul weather, it would alter any moving plans entirely. If you are forced to move when roads are slick with snow or ice, know an alternate route to take. If traffic gets bad or a particular road has not been cleared well, choose your alternate route to avoid problems.


Set Up Utilities Early

In the winter, you will crave heat and lights the moment you move in. Make sure you do not forget to call the utility company. You will need to ensure that your utilities are in place and fully functioning, prior to the day of your move.


Protect the Floors

Finally, be sure to put down some protection for your floors to protect them from any salt, road grime or snow that is tracked into the house during the move. Plastic sheeting or heavy cardboard on major walkways, paths and stairs leading into the house is important.

Moving in the winter is not convenient, but it can be completed safely and with minimal stress by following these simple tips. Before you know it, you will be warm and cozy in your new home.